What is the cultural inspiration for menswear's latest styles?

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Menswear has changed, and it is now more relevant that ever. With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the whole world's renewed interest in conscious and eco living, Menswear commits itself humbly to a sheeny love of enlightenment. A reminder to just be yourself in what you're wearing, and to not succumb to the fashion police's rules and regulations when it comes to menswear's latest styles. The fashion police has reigned for too long, has controlled the minds and the styles of every New York man for too long. These pressures are prevalent not just in the fashion arena of Manhattan but everywhere. But control is now taken back by the masses, the Mumbai chai seller is returning to his roots and wearing traditional clothes and burning his plastic China made sweater in the Ganges. The 'Smarties' in Johannesburg, South Africa are finding inspiration in our ideal man Oscar Wilde and an era of Dandy. Combining bright colours and retro vintage clothes they've created a look for themselves so individual and so conscious of reuse and recycle. This of course is apposite to current America as the broken male youth cannot find the promised land of corporate utopia in a again new post-recession. But there are the fashion-free who are still searching for escape in colorful bohemian living. Perhaps the only difference is the swopping in of glistening techno clothes, including bell bottom jeans, tied dyes and thrift store accessories, for basic country Amish attire. The value system of the masses has changed, freedom no longer comes in a can. Freedom can come from menswear's latest styles. Find a hat, any hat will do. Whether it's an Albertus Swanepoel from Barneys or a thrift store Huckleberry Finn number swing it anywhere on your head. Now, find shoes that mean something not only to you, but to the world...like Tom's. Where giving a pair of shoes to a needy person comes with every purchase. A regular do-gooder you are. Shirts and shorts are bought from American Apparel or Uniqlo where the fit is the most important and the brand is invisible, yet another revolt against mass brands, against Chinese cheap wares. Your clothes don't make you who you are and the revolution won't come from Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Armani or Prada. But the revolution is now within the men who take style and consciousness to a new place. Somewhere where judgment has left and full hearts reign. So come along for this ride I'd say. Bring your excess and recycle it, you won't need it anymore. The great fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, London and of course Tokyo bow down to Westchester and Paternoster and Rishikesh where a real man is not defined by his cloth but by his essence. A real man should surely revel in style, any style but not by blinding shopping down the High Street but rather clear-eyed and open to his own sense of aesthetic. I say down with fashion, long lives style.

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