What Are Some Tips For Summer Fashion Trends?

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Summers hottest trends are hard to predict for the average male, and if you're looking for this year's top tips you have definitely come to the right place. The summer usually means short shorts, tight tees and flip flops, but definitive patterns and trends change every year; making it hard for the normal person to follow.

Fashion magazines are bibles to women, so why are they overlooked by men? Before summer trends become apparent, these magazines publish their predictions giving the readers an inside look into the industry and how to replicate many themes and ideas incorporated by large fashion houses such as Alexander Mcqueen, Yohji Yamamoto and many more. The key is to take in what you see, and add a spin on things. Individuality is key.

Fashion blogs are a huge force on mens trends, websites such as www.Highsnobiety.com thrive on their vast readership and avid followers. Updated all day every day, you can pick up some keen knowledge just by looking at the pictures and the reviews of the clothes! This seasons style is very minimalist, designers are keeping it simple, then adding their own little, special touch to garms in order to make them different. Quality is key, and with premium brands, these little touches don't come cheap - but something that not many people will own is a lot better than your average chain brought T-Shirt.

Don't be afraid to bend the rules! This is, and will always be an important factor in fashion. Your clothes reflect you, I personally try and stick to limited runs, that way it would be near impossible to bump into someone down the beach wearing the same shorts as you. Even so, limited runs don't have to be expensive, making educated buys after shopping around will help keep to your vacation budget, with more money to spend on enjoying yourself.

Sunglasses, a definite must have for the summer. Quality brands such as Ray-Ban, Carrera or Oakley ooze fashion sense when combined with the right person and the right clothes. Lesser known brands such as the dutch brand HAN also make some quality, vintage sunglasses which resemble and incorporate classic Italiano design with modern, dutch chic. Researching and finding what you want in a pair of sunglasses can be tedious, but worth it as they are key to making driving, chilling out by the pool or just taking a stroll more comfortable.

This summers hottest trends would have to be, keeping it simple! Block color tee's, cuffed chinos, high-tops or deck shoes, combined with a nice pair of shades makes way for the perfect evening outfit. Messy colors and over complex patterns are not this years calling.

What ever you're style, you shouldn't be afraid to slightly alter the trends, feeling comfortable in your clothing in the main focus of any fashion. What people think of you should always come second, what you think of yourself how ever, should always come first. Summer trends are probably some of the most important of the year, people tend to mix more, and go out more. Looking fresh, stylish and contemporary is important in a generally consumerist landscape. Though fashion is one of my key interests, and a big part of my life, never neglect your wallet when it comes to making those all important purchases. My main tip would probably be, SHOP AROUND and don't get caught up in the hype for that next limited release!

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