What is a good online dating advice for meeting the person for the first time?

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Well that is a great question and since I am a great guy, I will answer it for you with some well thought out online dating advice. Dating online can be tricky, what with not knowing if you are talking to the person in the picture or maybe a bear in disguise. Online dating is the second leading cause of bear attacks, but with my help, you can avoid that.

Generally, the best place to meet someone for a first date is in between where the two of you live. Unless the person is much better looking than you, then you do whatever they want. Then you need to decide on what time of day you would like to meet. A lot of people prefer either a quick meet at a coffee shop during the day, noon to five or later in the evening for a couple of drinks at a bar, six to nine.

Now, depending on the person you are, a lush or just a caffeine addict, you will want to pick something appropriate for your mutual enjoyment. I find a bar works best though, since it allows you to easily cancel the date, or keep it going. This works for both genders too, so long as you control your liquor. Many a first date has been ruined through booze and I can't tell you how many times I ended up talking to my date all night long and having the most wonderful time in the world before I realized I was talking to the bathroom attendant for the last four hours.

A bar will give your date a little social lubrication for the both of you, since no doubt you will both be a little nervous and if you aren't nervous, you probably don't need to be dating online so why are you reading this! After you have spent about an hour talking, this is where you decide if they are worth sticking around. For guys, if you like the girl and she hasn't made fun of that awesome fedora you are sporting, then ask her to dinner. Girls, hint at dinner, saying things like "I am hungry" or "I sure would love to not eat anything right now" but in a sarcastic tone so he knows you are kidding. Guys love that! (Not really.)

This way, once you have established you can stand one another for at least an hour on drinks, dinner will be much more interesting, especially with one or two drinks in each of you. After dinner, try to call it a night if you want it stay respectable. Otherwise, go out to a club or another bar and throw all caution to the wind.

For the more boring among you, the coffee date works in the same way. After eating your over priced muffin and your mondo sized coffee, there should be enough time to decide if the extra fifteen pounds the person seems to have gained between when they called you earlier and met you now is worth it. Hopefully this online dating advice will work for you for now and if not then if it didn't work the first time it will probably never work for you again. I think I read that on a fortune cookie after the waiter screwed our food up.

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