What are the tips for safe personal shaving?

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With today’s body-conscious society, many men are looking at grooming in a whole new way. Most are feeling the need to do more than shave their faces and keep their hair clean and tidy. The concept of hair removal as an esthetic choice (as well as a hygienic one) is becoming more and more accepted among a wide range of individuals.

Truly “personal” grooming can have positive benefits. The reduction in the level of hair in key areas can make specific appendages appear more prominent (i.e. larger). Furthermore, since body hair can insulate body heat and increase perspiration accumulation, reducing the level of hair can result in these areas can result in a reduction in body odor, and increased physical comfort. However, a lot of men aren’t sure exactly how to go about removing the hair “down there” safely.

Three words sum up the secrets to safe personal shaving: clean, new and cool.

CLEAN. You want to perform your personal grooming after a good shower. Wash the area thoroughly, rinse and dry. The warm water of a shower helps to soften the hair and make it easier to cut. After drying your body completely, use a clipper or beard trimmer to shorten the areas you are grooming, and cut any areas where you want the hair completely removed as close to the skin as possible. Go slowly, and try to keep the edge of the clippers parallel to the surface of the skin. When dealing with the scrotal area, use a wash cloth with a knot in it and stretch the skin taut over the knot to smooth out any wrinkles that might lead to nicks.

NEW. After the preliminary trimming, apply your shaving cream or gel (you can even use a moisturizing soap) and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Then use a NEW safety razor to begin shaving the areas where you want the hair completely removed. Do NOT use pressure as you draw the razor across the skin. This is the purpose for a NEW blade. The razor should do the work, not you. Use your knotted cloth again on the scrotal area and work slowly allowing the razor’s blades to glide over the skin and do its job. Use a new blade every time you shave your personal areas.

COOL. As part of the shaving process, rinse your blade between passes using COOL water. By making sure the blades stay cool, you can avoid razor burn. Depending on the product you used for lathering, you may need extra rinsing to clear the blades, but this is why we’re going slowly. Afterwards, rinse the entire area using cool water and gently clear away the bits of hair. Pat the area dry with a towel to avoid any friction irritation.

Care for the area after shaving by applying a little lotion to the shaved areas. Use a product that absorbs easily into the skin and re-apply daily to keep the skin soothed and to reduce itch as the hair grows back. If you follow these simple instructions then you'll see that safe personal shaving is a simple matter.

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